about us


A community where substance abuse doesn't exist and the health, safety and welfare of all citizens is a priority.


To create community partnerships to implement universal substance abuse prevention strategies to promote the health and safety of individuals across the lifespan; especially, among youth.


Ally Bergmann, Executive Director




The word  coalition connotes a coming together to achieve a goal; a group that forms for a specific purpose or cause. In our case, the purpose is to prevent and reduce substance use/misuse.


  • Scott Tyler, Board Chair- law enforcement

  • Reggie Bellamy, Vice Chair - youth-serving organizations

  • Scott Parks, Treasurer - business

  • Amber LaRowe - parent

  • Terrence Devine - schools

  • Brian Williams - local government

  • Astride Kovacik-Weis - youth-serving organizations

  • Jim Corbett - faith-based organizations

  • Dr. Richard Conard - civic & volunteer groups

  • Maria MacKay - media

  • Denni Stolze - substance abuse organizations

Universal Environmental Substance Abuse Prevention Strategies

Great, but what does that mean?

'Universal' means that everyone receives the same access to information, regardless of risk factors.

'Environmental' means that the strategies are meant to either create a social norm in which substance misuse/abuse is not viewed favorably, or to change a social norm where it is viewed as "no big deal".

North River Prevention Partners'  Quarterly Newsletters

North River Prevention Partners - The Beginning...​

North River Prevention Partners was established in 2015 as Palmetto Prevention Partnership by a small, dedicated group of local folks who saw a need and filled it.

One name change (to reflect the whole North River area), three grant applications, and four years later we finally received the Drug Free Communities grant in October 2019! The grant is a mix of federal dollars and local elbow grease- $125,000/ year with a 100% match from the community (dollars, in-kind services, and/or volunteer hours). That means over $2.5 million in prevention services for our community over the life of the 10-year grant!


​We hope you join us in our efforts as we work to protect our North River communities from the devastation that substance abuse can bring.​