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We know when given the opportunity to be in community leadership roles, youth can add authenticity, enthusiasm, and their unique experiences. This is why we have formed a North River Youth Coalition for teens ages 14-18. Our coalition is "By, With & For Youth", meaning that the members will drive the culture and direction of the coalition. Ambassadors have equal input, share credit and accountability for the coalition, and collaborate with board members, local business owners and government leaders. Interested in joining? Apply Today

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Youth in Action is a Manatee County student-led, adult-guided program that empowers teens to ​make a difference on their campus and among their peers by identifying issues  and developing and implementing strategies to address those issues. This year, the Palmetto High School YIA team is addressing vaping on campus, Manatee School for the Arts is supporting good mental health, and Parrish Community High School is addressing underage drinking.

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If your Manatee County group or organization would like to learn more about specific substances and their effects, local conditions regarding substance abuse/ mental health, or what you can do to help North River Prevention Partners in their work, please send us an email, and we will be happy to come to you and present to your group at no cost to you!

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​Drug Free Youth is a community-wide incentive program for students ages 13-18 who are already making healthy choices and staying away from  alcohol and other drugs. Members demonstrate their commitment by submitting to a urine drug screen and then enjoy discounts on food, activities, and merchandise from retailers throughout Manatee County!​

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PLEASE!! Do not leave unused or expired Rx medications in your home! Two thirds of teens who report abusing prescription medication say they get it from the home of a family member or friend. You can drop off your unused or expired medications safely at your local Manatee County Police Department. Alternatively, you can contact us to learn how you can get Deterra drug disposal bags and safely dispose of your medications at home.

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​​Know the Law is a program that is delivered to 6th and 9th graders in Manatee County, public middle and high schools. It is based on the premise that when kids know better, they do better. The presentation is given to the students by their SRO and they get a booklet to take home so they can discuss what they learned with their caregivers. If your student comes home with one, please take the time to go through it with them. Who knows, you might learn something new, too!