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North River Youth Coalition


The word coalition connotes a coming together to achieve a goal; a group that forms for a specific purpose or cause. In our case, the purpose is to prevent and reduce substance use/misuse.

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Youth Coalition Ambassador

North River Youth Coalition is up and running! We have outstanding ambassadors from Manatee School for the Arts, Palmetto High School, and Parrish Community High School. We participated in several community service projects and met a few community leaders to discuss topics important to North River youth! We even had our second fundraiser, mocktails & Merriment! It was a lot of fun.


If you are in grades 9-11 and live and/ or go to school in one of the North River communities and are interested in becoming a North River Youth Coalition ambassador click the button below for more information!

 “Being an ambassador for North River Youth Coalition means I get to be part of an effort that will not only benefit my growth as a student and member of our community, but I will have an effect on other young people by being an example to sustain from alcohol and drugs.”


"Being an ambassador for NRYC means always being my best self, no matter what."


Being part of NRYC allow me to promote an alcohol, drug & nicotine free lifestyle for youth also means I can help spread awareness as I gain knowledge , more understanding as well creating friendships.


Becoming an NRYC Youth Ambassador allows me to be a voice and be active in the community. I have just moved to Florida and I would like to make myself known to this new and flourishing community!


Manatee County Parents and Teens We Want Your Input!

Please take our (super short) survey to help us improve prevention programming to fit the needs of the North River communities.

North River Youth Coalition Videos

In September 2020, North River Prevention Partners was awarded $30,000 from Manatee County under the Federal CARES Act Grant for each of our three high schools, north of the river.


This grant was used by students at Manatee School for the Arts, Palmetto High School, and Parrish Community High School to develop, produce, and distribute one Public Service Announcement (PSA) each. The PSAs have pro-mental health messages and ones about the dangers of vaping and underage drinking, all of which are being shared throughout the community on various media channels, and on our social media platforms.

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