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It's finally here! Today is the day we launch a new, groundbreaking program at Palmetto High School with funding from the Bishop Parker Foundation!

NRPP has partnered with our friends at Healthy Teens and Telement Therapy to create ReNEW: Reducing Negativity; Elevating Wellness. This is a multi-tiered mental health primary prevention program for teens in grades 9-12.

ReNEW is aimed at reducing the number of teens who experience a mental health crisis while promoting effective strategies to achieve and maintain good mental health. To that end, participants will receive four, one-hour weekly peer education/ support sessions with Teen Health Educators- teenage volunteers with Healthy Teens who are trauma-informed and trained in teen Mental health First Aid.

During the program, participants will receive a 90-minute telemedicine wellness check with a licensed mental health professional from Telement Therapy. After the peer sessions and initial wellness check, participants will have a 30-minute follow-up with their therapist via telemedicine. Some participants may be recommended for additional therapeutic support for up to six weeks. All this is at no cost to the students! #ItsaReNEWDay

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