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NRYC Names Acronyms Activity

Summary of our NRYC meeting on January 24th

We discussed and had a presentation surrounding “Empathy “ we dove into their definition of empathy and looked at the meaning together!!

We talked about three different types of empathy: cognitive, emotional, and somatic, we also discussed the benefits of having empathy towards each other!

We discussed that Empathy helps us to understand, trust and connect with one another on a deeper level, helps reduce conflicts, and helps build stronger relationships!

We ended with an assignment that they each will come back to the next meeting with an example of how they applied empathy in their day-to-day life!

R -esilient O-pen-minded S-tylish E-mpathetic __________________________ C-compassionate I-introvert D-delightful N-nervous E-energetic Y-young ___________________________ K-kind O-optimistic B-blessed E-empathetic ___________________________ V-victorious I-incredible M-magnificent I-interesting A-amazing N-nice ____________________________ V-virtuous I-insightful S-smart A-awesome L-loyal _____________________________ K-kind E-excellent T-talkative Z-zealous I-intelligent A-achieving _______________________________ D-discrete A-ambitious V-versatile A-authentic U-underdog G-gallant H-hilarious N-noble ________________________________ S-silly A-awesome M-malicious U-unique E-electronic L-lazy _________________________________ M-motivated A-active K-kind A-achiever Y-youthful L-lovely A-appreciative

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